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Are manual, repetitive business processes draining your team’s productivity? Do errors and delays in key workflows lead to dissatisfied customers? Does your organization lack the digital capabilities required for innovation and growth?

This page explores the crucial benefits of business process automation, real-world use cases, and how BasicSoft’s business automation services can launch your organization’s digital transformation. Let’s get started!

Why Automate Business Processes?

Before examining automation solutions, let’s discuss why automating business processes matters:

Boost Efficiency & Productivity

Automation handles high-volume, repetitive manual tasks round the clock without fatigue. This results in faster process throughput and dramatic productivity gains.

Ensure Process Accuracy

Humans inevitably make mistakes when bogged down with mundane work. Software consistently applies rules and ensures compliance to boost quality.

Reduce Operational Costs

Automating manual efforts with automation tools costs less than expanding your workforce. BPA also slashes expenses from fixing human errors.

Enhance Customer Experience

Faster service and improved quality from automation translate to higher customer satisfaction. Shorter resolution times also enable self-service options.

Reshape Workforce Capability

Automation reduces mundane tasks and enables reskilling staff to more value-added roles that harness institutional knowledge.

Clearly, BPA delivers tremendous advantages. Now, let’s explore some categories of business automation solutions.

Types of Business Process Automation Technologies

Several types of technologies drive process automation:

Robotic Process Automation

RPA uses software bots that emulate user actions – data transfers, triggering responses, and manipulating applications. It seamlessly integrates with legacy systems and automates routine digital work.

Intelligent Document Processing

IDP software leverages machine learning algorithms to analyze, comprehend, and extract information from documents without human effort.

Business Process Management

BPM solutions model processes via simple interfaces so even non-technical staff can build automation workflows with minimal IT assistance.

Low-Code Application Development

Low-code platforms enable rapid automation application development by non-programmers using pre-built components – forms, workflows, connectors etc.

Automation capabilities now span most repetitive process elements – data handling, system interactions, and document understanding. Next, let’s review some use cases.

Real-World Industry and Small Business Automation Use Cases

Business process automation delivers value across functions:

Customer Onboarding

  • Accelerated application reviews
  • Reduced incomplete forms
  • Quicker customer access

Supply Chain Management

  • Automated inventory updates
  • Streamlined shipment processing
  • Enhanced visibility

IT Support & Helpdesk

  • Automated password resets
  • Swift system access enablement
  • Improved first-call resolution

Claims Processing

  • Rapid form classification
  • Consistent compliance checks
  • Faster claim settlement

Order Fulfillment

  • Error-proof order entry
  • Optimized shipment routing
  • Proactive outreach on delays

Financial Reporting

  • Automated report assembly
  • Seamless data integration
  • On-demand custom views

The use cases are vast. Virtually any process with manual efforts, bottlenecks, or inefficiencies can benefit from automation.

Drive Digital Transformation with BPA

Business process automation delivers more than operational excellence. It provides the technological capabilities and business agility imperative for digital transformation and achieving competitive advantage:

Unlock Productivity for Innovation

Automating repetitive tasks frees up staff across teams. This sparks more time for value-added initiatives – new product development, customer outreach programs etc.

Empower Data-Driven Decisions

End-to-end process visibility from automation enriches data analysis opportunities to identify inefficiencies and guide improvements.

Launch Customer-Centric Products

Rapid automation development platforms enable experimenting with innovative customer offerings and experiences quickly.

Fund Strategic Growth Plans

Cost and time savings from process automation provide fuel for growth – whether expanding to new markets or mergers and acquisitions.

BPA kickstarts an automation-first work culture that drives sustainable business transformation. What steps can organizations take to get started?

Getting Started with Process Automation

Here’s an overview of the key steps for initiating automation:

Process Discovery

Pinpoint processes for automation priorities based on cost, errors, manual efforts, and other metrics.

Tool Evaluation

Determine which automation technologies suit your needs – RPA, IDP, BPM, or specialized solutions.

Process Redesign

Simplify processes by removing redundant approvals, data lags, etc., before automation to maximize ROI.

Technical Build-Out

Configure selected platforms, build bots, and test automation before integrating with live systems.

Change Management

Get staff buy-in by emphasizing the benefits of BPA through training and clear communication.

Navigating these steps requires the automation expertise that most organizations lack. That’s where BasicSoft comes in.

Why Leverage BasicSoft’s Business Automation Services?

BasicSoft provides full lifecycle business process automation services spanning advisory, delivery, and managed platform services:

Automation Opportunity Assessment

Our automation specialists collaborate with key process owners across your teams to identify top automation priorities that will maximize business impact.

Tools Selection & Vendor Governance

We help evaluate your technology needs, select the right automation platforms for your environment, and maintain relationships with their providers.

End-to-End Automation Delivery

We help design automation roadmaps and rapidly build and rigorously test automation workflows for smooth enterprise integration.


Via our managed automation services, we own and operate your automation platforms and handle monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing enhancements.

Automation Academy

We conduct flexible training programs to upskill your staff on automation platforms so they can sustain and expand internal efforts.

Let BasicSoft guide your organization on an automation journey that maximizes value. Request a consultation to get started!